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Katherine A. Forrest

Dedicated. Compassionate. Effective.

Forrest Family Law is a boutique law firm in New Bern, North Carolina owned by Katherine A. Forrest.  Katherine and her team are dedicated to understanding your personal situation because each case is unique and typically not simple or easy. Katherine and her team will prepare a tailored plan to your specific circumstances and will make sure they fully comprehend your situation to achieve your desired outcome.  If your situation is best handled negotiating an agreement out of court, we know what to do.  If is best using aggressive litigation, we are ready to go.  Whatever the approach may be, we are here to help you move forward with your life.

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All Katherine Knows How to Do is WIN!!! Katherine is intelligent, resilient and intensely dedicated to her job. Very engaged, devoted and creative which enables Katherine the ability to strategically plan and execute in yours or your child's best interest. I am a FATHER on ACTIVE DUTY with FULL Physical Custody of my little girl. Katherine is by far the BEST Lawyer in New Bern and possibly the entire state of NC. After my consult with Katherine I hired her the next day.


New Bern
Katherine Forrest is an EXCELLENT lawyer. She went above and beyond working typical office hours on this matter and provided outstanding legal advice and representation. She is an aggressive lawyer, that doesn't back down. I highly recommend her if you are seeking a Lawyer! I had been told by many attorneys that my case would be very challenging and long due to the issues. Katherine made my tough custody case look easy.


Katherine represented me in my divorce/custody case I could not be more pleased with her zealous legal representation. I never felt like she had anything less than my best interests at heart — she fought for me as though she were fighting her own custody battle and that cannot be said about every attorney.


New Bern